Saved another Carryall - or whats left of one

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Saved another Carryall - or whats left of one

Postby AlxJ64 » Mon Nov 18, 2013 5:07 am

Poor old truck. I know I've been called bad names for making the changes to the truck I am building, but I am pretty sure that anyone has the right to be in disbelief about what has been done to this poor old Carryall over the years. Its basically not much Carryall left at all. I saved it from its hole in the woods in far NW PA where it lived to serve the sole purpose of a snow plow truck for a dead end gravel road neighborhood. It also served as a spot to store the trash for months at a time until the owners would go to the dump. Poor old thing. It was "supposedly" running and driving as recent as last winter. From appearance, I'd say that was false. This was a sight unseen, 600 mile each direction trip, to buy the truck. The pictures I was sent of the vehicle grossly neglected the poor condition of the truck. It also neglected to indicate that the massive holes in the body were patched with paper-mache work and then painted for the sake of photos. But... I drove 9 hrs one way, so I bought it anyways with hopes to make the best of it... I think I may have donated some winter finances to the family I bought it from as the "best of it" isn't going to be much. I don't want to part it out.. heck, I can't part it out anyways because there is nothing there to part out. That being the case I am going to try and get it running, get the winch working, and hold onto it until someone else decides that they can take a stab at maybe saving it? I've seen guys start with less and come out with a full restoration. The upper half of the truck is in really good shape, and even the belt-line is in good shape.

That being the case, I am in need of a few small parts to get me started. First of which I am trying to find an Mu-2 winch brake/clutch handle. The mount bolts for the hinge attached to the gear box are broken off flush. I guess I will need to soak those for a month with penetrating oil and then cross my fingers, pray, and try to drill them out. The whole handle and brake assembly are missing and it appears that the winch was being shifted with a pry bar/ chisel assembly. If I keep the truck on the family farm it will be used to haul people around on camping trips and stuff similarly to my M37. A correctly working winch would be a nice thing to have.
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